The Reason for Suffering

coffee and note padThis is just an astounding message for today:

“He suffered thee to hunger.”—Deuteronomy 8:3

THERE was a Divine intention, then, in the hunger and thirst and weariness of the desert march. God suffered these hardships to come to the chosen people, in order to teach them dependence on Himself.

The daily gift of manna was a perpetual evidence of His loving thought and care for the pilgrim host; they came to learn that sin and backsliding could not alienate His compassions; they found that the Word of God was life.

But none of these lessons could have been acquired if the supplies of food had been as regular and plentiful as in Egypt. They were suffered to hunger that God might make them know:

You are suffered to hunger for human love, that you may know what the love of Jesus can be to His own. Open your heart to it, until it flood you as the sunshine does the south windows of a house.

You are suffered to hunger for recognition and gratitude, that you may know what the “Well done!” of Jesus is, and to lead you to look for that only. What do the words of men amount to unless He smile?

You are suffered to hunger for easier circumstances, for money, that you may know the tender provision which Jesus can make for those who are wholly dependent on Him. In the absence of all human help, you will learn the sweet taste of His manna.

Glory to God, to God, he saith, Knowledge by suffering entereth, And life is perfected in death. These seasons of hunger are necessary for the discipline of life.

But, thank God, He is able to satisfy us; and out of His riches in glory in Christ Jesus He can and will fulfill every need of ours (Philippians 4:19, R. V.).

Meyer, F. B. (2011-07-17). Our Daily Homily  (Sermon) Volume 1 (Genesis-Ruth) (Kindle Locations 2132-2144). Heritage Bible Fellowship. Kindle Edition.


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  1. Often our suffering leads us to Christ’s love, but often it stands as a witness too. For the men in that prison, to hear Paul and Silas singing hymns at midnight after being stripped, beaten, and thrown into the inner dungeon was enough to keep those men from running as soon as all the doors flung open. Something was so expressed beyond the norm of human reaction that it actually caused for every single man in that prison to remain so as to continue to hear and watch these two men sent from God. What must it be to take your stripping with joy, and to do so in a way that everyone around cannot help but ponder what it is that gives you strength? What kind of inner fortitude is required to be able to rejoice in your suffering? I hate suffering, so why would I rejoice? What is it that would cause me to rejoice instead of mope?

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