The Horror of Human Priests

I’ve seen the “pope” in the media lately. It seems there’s some debate over whether he speaks for God. I’ll boil this down to a simple, two word statement: He doesn’t.

God speaks for God and by the media He chose, which happens to be Scripture (also known as The Bible). 66 books (Old and New Testament) comprise the revealed Word of God.

While that notion has fallen in and out of favor, those books comprise a unity of theme, coherence and intrigue that no other book has ever attained. Add to that the fact that it was written by over 40 authors spanning thousands of years. We can’t even make a movie over the course of a few months without having plot holes big enough for wide-load access. Not to mention the scene mistakes (pancakes changing to eggs mid-scene).

No, the Bible is truly special. And there is the effect it has had on generation after generation, transforming lives for the better. And unlike other religions (which don’t need to be named), Christians have died martyrs, being locked in prisons, burned at the stake, sawn in two and crucified.

And this is not something from ages past. It happens today. Christians are being beheaded, starved to death, burned alive … Just because it doesn’t happen in America doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

These brave souls die while other men vaunt their excess before the world, pretending to hold¬† some spiritual power. They attempt to slake mankind’s thirst for an arbiter between them and God, but do so in vain, if not in blasphemy. They’re like saltwater for the thirsty soul.

The world has never seen more unscrupulous or rapacious tyrants than its priests, whether of Baal or Moloch, of Judaism or the Papacy. All through the ages it has seemed impossible for men to receive power in the spiritual realm without abusing it to the injury of those who sought their help. Study the history of the priesthood, which murdered Christ because he threw too strong a light upon its hypocrisies and villainies, and you have the history of every priestcraft which has darkened the world with crime, and saturated its soil with the blood of the noblest and saintliest of men.

Meyer, F. B. (2014-07-01). THE WORKS OF F. B. MEYER, Vol 1 (25 Works): 25 Classic Devotionals, Biographies and Teachings on the Higher Life (Kindle Locations 13318-13322).  . Kindle Edition.


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