The Circus of Jesus Christ?

I re-blogged an article I found amazing in how it put in words the things that I’ve witnessed in the so-called churches I’ve attended. I wanted to follow up on something the author mentioned regarding the etymology of the word ‘church.’ This is what I found:



1. The derivation of the word is generally said to be from the Greek kuriakon“belonging to the Lord”. But the derivation has been too hastily assumed. It is probably connected with kirk, the Latin circus,circulus, the Greek kuklos, (kuklos), because the congregations were gathered in circles.

2. Ecclesia, the Greek word for church, originally meant an assembly called out by the magistrate, or by legitimate authority. It was, in this last sense, that the word was adapted and applied by the writers of the New Testament to the Christian congregation.

In the one Gospel of St. Matthew, the church is spoken of no less than thirty-six times as “the kingdom.” Other descriptions or titles are hardly found in the evangelists.

It is Christ’s household, Mat 10:25,

the salt and light of the world, Mat 5:13Mat 5:15,

Christ’s flock, Mat 26:31Joh 10:15,

its members are the branches growing on Christ the Vine, John 15;

but the general description of it, not metaphorical but direct, is that it is a kingdom. Mat 16:19.

From the Gospel then, we learn that Christ was about to establish his heavenly kingdom on earth, which was to be the substitute for the Jewish Church and kingdom, now doomed to destruction Mat 21:43.

The Day of Pentecost is the birthday of the Christian church. Before, they had been individual followers Jesus; now they became his mystical body, animated by his spirit. On the evening of the Day of Pentecost, the 3140 members of which the Church consisted were —

(1) Apostles;

(2) previous Disciples;

(3) Converts.

In Act 2:41, we have indirectly exhibited the essential conditions of church communion. They are

(1) Baptism, baptism implying on the part of the recipient repentance and faith;

(2) Apostolic Doctrine;

(3) Fellowship with the Apostles;

(4) The Lord’s Supper;

(5) Public Worship.

The real Church consists of all who belong to the Lord Jesus Christ as his disciples, and are one in love, in character, in hope, in Christ as the head of all, though as the body of Christ it consists of many parts.

This comes from the Smith Bible dictionary I have on e-sword.

This confirms what the author said, that the translation we have of “church” in our New Testaments is a twist of the word that finds its origin in circus. Or, even worse, the false god Circe (pronounced Kirk).

I think it’s interesting to see how much “churches” resemble the circus. They have charismatic ringleaders whose qualifications are more closely tied to their deep voice, good looks or humor.

Many circuses… ahem, churches, have skits or videos or other forms of entertainment to put asses in the seats …. unfortunately, if it were asses, these animals might talk and warn these false prophets from their error. I suspect the glitz succeeds in drawing in common goats with sheep mixed in.

Currently, I’m reading F.B. Meyer’s biography on Abraham. I find this man of God’s work more compelling than Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, or John Grisham. He pulls back the sheen of Bible Story Time and exposes the true people described in the sacred Scriptures.

The reason I mention this is that the first thing God told Abraham (then Abram) to do in order to start his walk of faith was to GET OUT! Get out of Ur, leave and go to a land I will show you!

Abram wasn’t given details. Rather, he was given a promise! God doesn’t give us details because that wouldn’t require faith and would invite debate. It’s not too different from how we might train our young kids. “Do this, and we can …” We’re not going to get embroiled in explaining to a young child the implications of their obedience and training. But we will set before them the promised end.

I think it is time for the true Ecclesia to exit the adulterous whore that is the world’s church.



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