5 Vehicles of American Repentance

Hard to pick which one I like the best!

The Untenable Position of a Whale

When Jonah washed up on the shore of Ninevah with his message of repentance preached through gritted teeth, he did so having been gift-wrapped to speak to the culture that he was vomited into. From the belly of a giant fish, God delivered a message of repentance to a people who worshiped a fish god by the name of Dagon.

s1018007It makes you wonder what kind of packaging God would choose for our own culture.

In a move that they hoped would express the power and influence of the party, the 2020 Republican National Convention was scheduled as the first national convention to occupy the massive AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas. On that day, before an audience reported to have approached100,000 energized conservatives, a man in a well-tailored blue suit accompanied by a red silk tie descended supernaturally from the 11,000 square foot jumbotron at midfield to the stage. With…

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