3 Books Every Christian Should Read!

I was reading an article about WHY WE NEED TO VOTE FOR TRUMP … which will be an interesting blog on its own … but down at the end I saw this little gem:

3 Reasons Why you should read Life in the Spirit. 1) Get to know the Holy Spirit. 2) Learn to enter God’s presence 3) Hear God’s voice clearly! Go deeper!

Has God called you to be a leader? Ministry Today magazine is the source that Christian leaders who want to serve with passion and purpose turn to. Subscribe now and receive a free leadership book.

I might be crazy, but I’m thinking that maybe the problem today is that we have so-called “leaders” in so-called “ministry” who have been steeped in Ministry Today magazine, rather than the Bible.

Perhaps Christians at large are reading some books that purport to let them 1) Know the Holy Spirit, 2) Enter God’s presence, and 3) Hear God’s voice clearly!

Yeah, I’m going to go ahead and say that those might be good reasons … to read the BIBLE!



  1. Haha exactly!!! What always makes me laugh is when the announcer on KTIS calls their music “praise & worship” and goes on to say how the radio station really improves your walk with God. When I listen to that station, I almost have a coronary so not sure I get their logic. I can praise God without it and I can know the Spirit without a stupid magazine.

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