Hey, Where Are The 3 Books?

You may have read my other post here and wondered, where are the 3 books?

But then, if you read it, you’d have realized my sarcasm … using a fairly frequent “headline.”

What gets me is that people rave about books for every Christian, but seldom mention the Bible (or the books therein).

I’ll grant that perhaps they assume every Christian is already reading the Bible.

Unfortunately, with many Christians believing that “God helps those who help themselves” is actually in the Bible, that assumption is probably unwarranted.

But, here are 3 books every Christian should read:

  1. Hebrews – This book, wrapped in authorial mystery is packed with deep lessons about false religion and true religion. It explains how the symbolism of the Old Testament Temple Worship was the shadow of the New Testament Reality of Grace.
  2. James – This epistle rips back the veil of why Christians are fighting with each other. Do I really need to add anything to that? Worth the price of admission, I’d say.
  3. Romans – Chapter one disabuses us of the nature of fallen humanity. It’s a deep book that should be taken slowly and carefully. Even if you’re not scholarly, read this book! Because, as Christians, we cannot afford to not be scholarly about our Lord and Savior.

Those three will provide the foundation of understanding our Lord, His grace, our responsibility and how we are free from the symbolic (or shadow) in favor of the REAL.



  1. For me,


    It’s not because I think they are the MOST important, but that I think that they are a truly great way to whet your appetite for reading more of the scriptures.

    The truth is, that if you had enough people comment on here with three books, you would probably get the entirety of scripture… I’m sure you would eventually get some hipster on here that claims to love reading the books of Chronicles, but you get my point.

    Btw, like the new layout.

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