Which is Worse, Gender Confused, or Bible Confused?

It used to be that if a dude dressed up like a girl it was either hilarious (as in the movies Tootsie and Some Like it Hot) or worrisome (as in the oddball neighbor down the hall). Today, it’s called ‘courageous.’ In fact, Cover Girl has a boy on the cover. This has raised protest by vocal “Christians,” calling this another sign of the apocalypse. Right between the Black Horse of Famine and the Pale Horse of Death, I suppose. But is this really a signpost of the end? Maybe there’s a more glaring issue in Christianity’s own house that is a better indicator.

Today we have Joel Osteen telling viewers on Fox News that the Hindus “Love God.” His wife says that Jesus was just a man and was “touched by God” and given the Christ Consciousness? (She didn’t use the term ‘Christ Consciousness,’ but that’s the heresy she was talking about).

Rick Warren claimed on TV that it’s “nearly impossible” to go to Hell.

Word of Faith buffoons claim they can control the weather (unless they’re in a plane?).

Beth Moore claims to take down notes from God!

John Piper claims that people hear direct revelation from God, but it’s not quite on the caliber of the direct revelation we have in Scripture! Perhaps because … what? It conflicts with what’s in the Bible?

“Christian” musicians behave and dress so worldly they are not worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as the faithful Christians who died in the persecution of the so-called Anabaptists, or the early Christians who lit Nero’s garden as they burned on stakes.

Today, Churches are much more like their true namesake .. they’re circuses (Church comes from the word we get circus, as opposed to Congregation, which is the ecclesia of Christ).

Movies that claim to be Christian are mockeries of true faith as they mix mysticism and human-centered focus to what should be a religion that praises God Almighty.

War Room, for instance, suggests that anyone, regardless of whether they’re saved, can pray to God, and get God to do their bidding. And then, if they pray long enough in one spot, their prayers will soak into the room!!

To me, this is a clearer sign of the end times. The falling away of many. The spurning of sound teaching in favor of mystical fluff.

So, while the Religious Right is blanching over Gender Confusion, it’s not really the sign of the End Times.

Rather, we should be deeply concerned with the Bible Confusion that afflicts Christianity, from the pulpits on down.



  1. I think people either fail to realize or refuse to realize that God and His word never change, the world continues to change but He is the only one that remains. Society may be ‘progressing’ but His will does not bend to the worlds and people expect it to I suppose. I read a great article earlier about how we focus too much on the symptoms rather than the underlying disease, for example everyone made a big deal about same sex marriage being legalized and thats what they focused on rather than the ‘disease’ that caused it, humanity becoming more godless everyday. People only want the fluff, but if only they knew how beautiful truly knowing Him is….

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  2. I know what you mean! I find it hard to trust “pastors” anymore. The very set-up of the “church” encourages this CEO/man in charge mentality among the “overseers” who should be demonstrating the example of the greatest humility/meekness/gentleness. Add to that, the fact that “success” is seen in a vast congregation, their methods have morphed to “christianized” paganism. When they attract a crowd they say, “Look at what God is doing!” Personally, I think we should let God show us what He’s doing. War Room just left a bad taste in my mouth from everything I heard about it. The whole, “If you spend 30 minutes a day in prayer … see what God will do!” mentality just made me think it was a hyped piece of garbage.

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    1. I have to admit that I got roped into watching that movie, the best I can say about it is that a wife praying her cheating husband into explosive diarrhea is kind of funny. Seriously though, it was a terrible mess of a movie, but it’s the type of thing that sells to evangelical audiences.

      The way that even seemingly respectable speakers and authors in Christianity have been soiling their reparations at record pace, it brings to mind some advice I got from Bob’s Burgers,

      “Little bit of advise, Bob. If you want a role model, choose an old guy. By the time you’re grown up they’re dead.”

      You know, or choose Jesus.

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      1. The fact that it “sells to evangelicals” is what really concerns me. I recently saw that Greg Laurie had Mel Gibson show up at his Harvest Conference in Los Angeles. I was thinking … is Mel going to repent of his very public, sensual lifestyle and recommit himself to true faith in Christ? No, he was going to be welcomed with open arms by Greg, told that “we love you” and be praised for his filmmaking (Hacksaw Ridge, in particular and the promised Resurrection movie we all anticipate).

        I couldn’t believe it. I’m not advocating some type of shunning and shaming, but there’s no call to welcome a man who has so publicly dishonored Christ as if he’s a Christian in good standing! While we should love everyone, that love should be to reach them with the Gospel to rescue them from the sin that’s harvesting death in them.

        Instead, we just remember that Mel made the “greatest outreach opportunity in 2000 years,” and we like us our Christian celebrities. Don’t judge.

        Sorry … just went off on “evangelical audiences” didn’t I? LOL

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  3. Agreed. People have been twisting gender roles for ages and perverting sexuality. In Lots day, it was common to have sex with men.

    I agree that false prophets are driving people away. I haven’t been able to listen to pastors or read many books since leaving the church. I just can’t trust anyone, but I also don’t trust myself so there’s a sense of sorrow in my walk with God right now.

    The War Room…I remember a certain pastor telling me how good that movie was. I never saw it. Anything with a GCBC endorsement makes me cringe.

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