Rush Limbaugh’s Contempt for Consent!

Rush Limbaugh has been caught endorsing Rape! MSNBC has a video about Rush Limbaugh in which he seems to scoff at the idea that there must be “consent” in order for two people to … get intimate. Here’s the video:


This, apparently is on the heels of the numerous women coming forward with stories about Presidential candidate, Donald Trump and his lewd behavior.

While Trump cannot claim he’s being taken out of context when he’s on air with Howard Stern or talking to a camera on Entertainment Tonight, or, perhaps, in his interview with Playboy Magazine, I wonder what Rush will say about this piece.

I’ve listened to Rush before. He’s a “shock jock” of the political arena, so he says things that will generate intense emotions and debate. Thus, I haven’t listened to him–or any of the Talk radio hosts–in some time. From past listening, I can say, Rush will likely have a segment explaining how this was taken out of context.

I suspect that the point the host was trying to make was how hypocritical “The Left” is when it comes to morality. In fact, a longer segment of this monologue prefaces the comments by stating that our country’s moral standards have been devastatingly eroded. He then launches into his “Rape Police” monologue about The Left’s advocacy for any type of interpersonal behavior … as long as there is consent!

Where he gets himself in trouble is by the implication that there doesn’t need to be consent. That when eyebrows raise, and hackles go up!

It made me think of an article I read about the Burning Man festival in Nevada.

My wife and I learned about it from a blog in which the writer noted the riotous immoral abandon of the festival. In fact, the festival provides a place for people to have orgies.

Don’t worry, they’ve got hand sanitizer and clean towels.

Oh, and it’s all very consensual.

One participant spoke to a news outlet and confirmed that everyone is very respectful, and strangers will ask if they can do x, y or z to you.

Well, that’s a relief! At least when you get syphilis it will be consensual!

Now, where’s that hand sanitizer?

It’s as if we can abandon the foundations of morality … as long as we’re minding our p’s and q’s.

Regardless of what Rush really means about consent, I do agree that our country, and in fact, our world seems to be rushing headlong to accept a very dangerous idea: As long as everyone agrees, do what you want.

Coincidentally, this was the “whole law” according to Aleister Crowley (known as the most evil man alive … but he’s dead now): This is the whole of the law, do what thou wilt!


It also is the Wiccan tenet: An it harm none, do what you will.

As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s good.

Billy Joel’s song “You May Be Right” has a line that says “I was only having fun/Wasn’t hurting anyone…”

While, it’s certainly great if your fun doesn’t hurt anyone, that’s not what morality is about.

Morality is about whether we glorify God.

The fact that your behavior gives you a virus, destroys your family life, shatters another’s psyche, or harpoons your chances to be elected President is really-ultimately-beside the point.

Don’t get me wrong, all of those things are bad.

We should be concerned about whether we’re hurting people or hurting ourselves. But, that’s not the highest morality. Everyone wants to avoid negative consequences.

The highest morality concerns whether we’re glorifying our Creator God who made us for His pleasure and glory (and He deserves it because He made us!).

The social and personal injury resulting from our moral decay is merely a byproduct of our rebelliousness against God. It’s a symptom of our refusal to give him praise through obedience.

This hedonism takes the forbidden fruit in a rampant lust to be gods ourselves, subject to none. But, instead of reaping freedom and autonomy, we harvest broken, disease-ridden, miserable lives.

The only answer-the only cure-is for each of us to repent (turn from our own sin) and accept the payment for that sin which was Jesus’ death on the cross (instead of us bearing God’s righteous wrath). Then, we can live a new life that ascends in obedience and praise, just like Jesus rose from the grave and ascended to God the Father.



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