If You Lived Here, You’d Be Home!


Looking out the window on my bus ride home from work, something caught my eye. A huge billboard on the side of a rundown apartment building said, “If you lived here, you’d be home!”

The parking lot was cracked and weeds poked up all over. Rusted hulks filled the few occupied spots. The balconies were packed with junk. Sheets and old blankets were used for window-coverings. The houses buildings nearby were no better.

I felt very sad that people live in such poverty. It’s terrible that crime rules those streets and people seldom feel safe.

And that sign seemed so … out of place! It seemed to be in glib denial of the condition of the neighborhood!

Then it occurred to me: this is what the world must look like in comparison to heaven. And our culture is like the big sign.


I imagine the people living there probably wished it wasn’t their home. In fact, I bet if they got the chance, they’d leave! They’d rather head to the suburbs and have a nice yard. Or, better still, move to the country, away from the city noise and lights.

But then, maybe they don’t. Perhaps they are happy living there and are filled with bitter hatred for those living in homes surrounded by picket fences. Maybe they hold successful people in total contempt. What if, having lived in a crime-plagued area long enough, they have come to accept it as normal?

If that were true, it would be horrible. To think that people would surrender any hope of a better life and accept a place so dismal as home is nearly unthinkable.

And yet, that’s what it is for people who embrace the motto: YOLO.

You Only Live Once! The implication is to have fun. Do what you want (but don’t hurt anyone, I suppose).

This “suck the marrow from life” mentality accepts that nothing exists beyond the grave. It accepts that this earth is our … home.

The Bible tells us that this life is but a vapor … and that eternity awaits us. Since our created purpose is to glorify God, our choice in this life will determine if we–by Grace–will be able to fulfill our purpose and be given eternal life, or if we’ll reject God’s love and remain in eternal death, reaping the unspeakable judgment that we’re due, from God Almighty.

It’s sad to think that many choose to live here, on earth. They’ve rejected the grace of God and His gift of Salvation, scoffing at it, reviling it.

But, as long as there is life, there’s a chance to repent and accept Jesus’ sacrifice. Through faith, everyone who repents and accepts Christ as their Lord, receives eternal life. This speaks to quality, not quantity. 

The quality of how you live (not the circumstances of life) improves. You face life with an eternal perspective of knowing you’re just passing through … like on a bus.

You witness the world in all it’s squalor, but you don’t live there, and it’s not your home.


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