Is There Anything Good About Terror?

Would you want to be called¬†terrifying? What do we think of when we hear the word terror? We fear ‘terrorism,’ so we have a “war on terror.” We’re rightly fearful of terror. It describes hopeless fear. And the book of Isaiah uses it to describe the Lord.

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His Grip Is Sure – Stay Strong!

I’m working on something else for the blog, but in the meantime I want to share this Newsboys song that I discovered and really enjoy. It’s uplifting. One of the things I really liked about Peter Furler’s Newsboys is that he relied on actual Bible verses for the songs, even with Shine, as silly as some of ther verses were.

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Whose Culture Controls Your Life?

History has lost many things as a result of war. A conquering nation rolls into town and takes out the libraries, cultural texts and any other remnant of the losing nation’s culture. Only some of the art or precious jewels, plates and cups will remain. All else is effectively eliminated. I see the same thing happening in so-called churches these days. The rich culture of hymns and spiritual songs are fading. Soon they will be gone … but in favor of what? Who is this conquering people who has rolled in and removed Scripture as a basis for our praise and worship?

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