Should Christians Embrace Mel Gibson?

Mel Gibson has been forgiven. He’s spent 10 years in purgatory, working on small movies dumped in February, August or direct to video. But now, he’s managed to find redemption with Hacksaw Ridge. 

The movie features a remarkable war hero who fought in WWII without a weapon … Armed only with faith.

Of course, Gibson is counting on the well he dug with the “faith community” when he made The Passion of the Christ. He purposely courted “evangelicals,” inviting Greg Laurie, a mega church pastor in CA to an early screening.

And it worked! Laurie, though encouraging people all over the country to repent And turn to Jesus, welcomed the prodigal movie star with open arms. Everyone cheered when Mel said he would do a sequel to The Passion called The Resurrection.

But, if we truly care for Mel, perhaps we should be less interested in the state of his career And more concerned whether he’s actually repented of his sinful lifestyle (which he put on shameful display for everyone).

For the record, I thought it was highly hypocritical of Hollywood to blackball him because of his various raging outbursts. But, I find it interesting how both Christians and Hollywood will overlook the man’s sins when he makes a good-looking product.

The fact is, Mel Gibson is a very talented man. He brings superior acting chops to any project, and can direct movies incredibly well.

What he doesn’t seem to do well is repent of his sin. He’s blamed alcohol, male menopause, you name it. He rightly pointed out that his sin put Jesus on the cross, he has never repented of his sinfulness (only acknowledged it).

Certainly, I’m not advocating some tar and feathering of Mr. Gibson. God loves him. God loves the world. He loved each of us enough to pay the penalty in death for what we’ve done to Him. And God determined to do this while we were still sinful rebels against Him.

No, I don’t think we need to rail against Gibson. But, as Christians, we need to be aware that just because someone does a popular movie about a Christian (or about Christ) it doesn’t mean they are one of us. And more importantly, we should pray that Mel is granted repentance by God’s grace. We should pray that he does renounce his sinful lifestyle and go back to his wife and kids, tearful for the sordid affair he forced them to endure because of his various failings.

The movie, by the way, looks like it will be good. But that’s no surprise. As I’ve said, Mel’s a good director. The point here is that Christians shouldn’t be so star-struck that they ignore the man’s soul-sickness just because he’s making a movie with Christian values (or about the Resurrection).

Mel may feel he’s been redeemed in the eyes of the world. And that seems to be the case. But, God’s redemption only comes through repentance.


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  1. True of Christians’ views not only of Hollywood celebs, but those they make idols of in their own communities–be it a rich acquaintance or someone with the title of “pastor.” People in general are wowed by these things and are willing to overlook them. It boils down to pleasing man and self.

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