Don’t Be Fooled by “I Am Second”

Charles Spurgeon said that wisdom is not only knowing right from wrong, but knowing right from almost right. A case in point is the growing number of “I Am Second” videos in which various celebrities give their testimonies. The only problem is, they are waterless testimonies … accounts that lack any of what John The Baptist called Repentance!

My first exposure to this white-chair confessional format was with Brian “Head” Welch, a death metal rocker with the group Korn (formerly, then solo, then back with the band that hates God and endorses hedonism).

Lately, I heard about Chip and Joanna Gains of HGTV fame, and how they are a “Christian power couple.” Coincidentally, they have a “I am second” video.

So does Michael W. Smith. Alex Kendrick, is ‘second,’ as well. The list goes on. So many people, all of them second.

The implication is that Jesus is first. I get that.

The danger, however, is that these are supposed to be conversion stories. Strangely, though, none of them have addressed sin or repentance. None of them address honoring God, or being restored in fellowship.

Instead, they deal with “identity crisis,” “hitting rock bottom,” and “being pushed to achieve.”

Here is Brian Welch’s video:

I particularly wonder at the jump-cuts and his “scary” face routine. I’m sort of lost on how that conveys anything.

Still, ironically, Welch’s video comes the closest to mentioning repentance … but it’s more about how drugs were destroying his life and he hated himself for the addiction. He finds he can’t quit meth on his own, then calls out to Jesus who apparently covers him with a feeling of love that allows him to throw out all his drugs … the next day.

Interestingly, he claims that he accepted Christ at a church service, then went home and snorted meth. He also claims that he quit Korn because of his faith and … God made him even more successful with more wealth (a common theme with these video testimonies).

What’s missing is the fact that he was solo for a short time, then re-joined Korn. He has also done some very disturbing music videos and plays at pagan, hedonistic festivals with Korn, reveling with those who openly hate God.

Also, Welch is deadlock-deep in the mystic Christian paganism with feeling the spirit, getting drunk in the spirit, etc.

In short, he may be second, but it isn’t to Christ. There is no fruit in keeping with repentance, based on his life’s testimony. And, truthfully, he never repented of being a sinner who deserved the wrath of God. No, it was just the drugs and harmful lifestyle that was crushing him (not his sinful flesh).

Here’s Michael W. Smith’s testimony:

Michael W. Smith’s starts out with how wonderful he is. He loves his life, he could just hug the awkward kid in the corner at a youthgroup … huh? T

Then talks about how he wrote a song at 5, could play pop songs he heard, and just had a sense of God’s “calling” on his life. No point of recognizing sin, being a rebel against God, or needing to repent and accept Christ’s forgiveness through His sacrifice on the Cross.

No, Mr. Smith just tells how he pursued his singing career, then started doing drugs and … hit rock bottom! He called out to God and was wrapped in His love … then, got a song-writing gig, record contracts, his own tour … but all of that doesn’t mean anything? I’m sorry, I don’t really follow. I thought the whole thing was how he hit rock bottom and then called out to God and was given record contracts.


Here’s Chip and Joanna Gains’ testimonies:

Joanna seems to see God as the jock who comes and finds the wallflower and makes her into a princess. I see Disney written all over this. It practically writes itself!

Problem is, it’s not the Bible. Maybe it’s the Walt Disney Revised Version?

So, Chip and Joanna Gains. Christian Power Couple! Whatever that means. No mention of being lost, sinners, offensive to God. No mention of needing Christ’s sacrifice to atone for their sin. No recognition of a new life through Christ’s resurrection.

No, their story is how Chip loved the “chaotic” God who was unpredictable and how Joanna is “stable” and “safe.” And somehow God brought them together and used each of them to push the other to become … successful HGTV stars?

Wow. I bet the Apostle Paul would be writing a special letter commending these people for their faith!


Make no mistake, a testimony that focuses on one’s life, here and now, and earthly concerns of one’s ‘identity’ are testimonies of lost pagans who want you to join their mysticism.



  1. Right on, Bryn! Since I’m not up on “Christian” pop culture, the first I heard of the “I am second” trend was in your blog. Those who really have humbled themselves and repented and laid hold of God’s mercy in Christ know that we are not “second” — we are NOTHING! Our life is “hidden with Christ in God” (Col. 3:3), and Christ “is our life” (Col. 3:4).

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