Hubba, Hubba, Hubba-Who Do You Trust?

It’s Decision Tuesday! And we’ve got multiple choices, but it seems to come down to only two that people consider “viable.” It reminds me of the 1989 Batman movie, where the good folks of Gotham were challenged to pick between Batman … or the Joker.

In the big finale, the Joker showers the crowd with money in a big parade. And where is the Batman? He’s at home, washing his tights!

It seems rather appropriate to our current situation. We’ve got promises, promises, promises. One will shower us with money, the other will ensure safety through strength.

Or so we’re led to believe.

The most astonishing thing to me, however, is that Christians, in particular, seem to feel their hope rests in any political candidate. The argument goes something like this: We’re supposed to seek the welfare of the country in which we reside …. blah, blah, blah.

I may be crazy, but Christians are to seek a better welfare of those around them than economic prosperity!

Oh, but we’ll lose our ‘religious freedom!’ is another argument. So, make sure you vote for the guy who brags about lewd endeavors on a shock-jock radio show!

Trump is like Cyrus! That argument is like B.S.

I’ve heard people say how Trump would be the 45th president and … in Isaiah 45…

Just shut up!

God hasn’t “anointed” Trump that we know of. He’s demonstrated none of the fruit of the spirit, the most important being REPENTANCE!

While God is the judge of the living and the dead, we have absolutely no right to claim that Trump is a Christian. So, stop it!

Evidently, Hillary will drag our country down to the pit of hell. According to some.

Riddle me this-what if she’s Cyrus? What if she’s Nebuchadnezzar? Why can’t God use a godless woman who is the subject of FBI investigations, etc.?

We don’t know the plans of God. Anyone who claims to be a prophet and have some “rule of seconds,” is a false prophet and should be ignored (at best!).

Going back to the Batman movie, I think about one scene in particular. And this gets to the point of Christians bemoaning the condition of America and how things will change and our freedoms will be gone. They fear that this country will no longer be a place for decent, God-fearing Christians!

In the movie, someone asks the Joker about the decent people of Gotham. His response, “Decent people shouldn’t live here.”

Christians need to remember their country of origin. We don’t live here. America is not the new Israel. Our citizenship is in Heaven. Our King is the Lord Jesus Christ. And He doesn’t need Trump or Hillary to protect us. Quite frankly, he could use either one as easily as the other. He’s God. Remember that.



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