The King We Deserve …

While the world gasps at the Trump victory, Christians, in particular need to be very wary. Undoubtedly, many will see this as fulfillment of the false prophets who “predicted” a Trump win. Instead, we should ask ourselves where our help comes from.

In my pre-election post yesterday I noted that Trump is not necessarily God’s choice. Even now, though God has obviously ordained that Donald Trump should be America’s new President, it doesn’t mean that he’s been selected any more or any less than President Obama, President Bush, President Clinton … Carter, Nixon, and so on.

And lest we get carried away here, I think it is important for Christians to remember that there are 26 countries considered to be First World, developed nations. And yet, it would seem that Christians think God hovers over America as the new Israel.

No. God had one earthly people and nation and that was/is Israel. And, we know that the nation of Israel is no longer the channel of God’s use … rather it is the spiritual Israel, the Ekklesia of Jesus Christ.

In other words, if we went back to Jesus’ time on earth, the elections of Rome would be analogous to the American, United Kingdom, Germany, or Japan’s elections. We have a lot of “world powers” in today’s world.

So many false prophets, however, seem to like applying sections of Scripture that apply to Israel (the Nation) to America. The Bible doesn’t give us the luxury of applying it that way. The Bible isn’t our fortune cookie.

But, if people are insistent upon looking for a “type” in the Old Testament that applies to Donald Trump … we could look at King Saul.

He was anointed the King of Israel. He was a tall, successful-looking man who inspired people. He had a form of religion and even took it upon himself to offer sacrifices to God.

He routed sorcerers and illegal aliens from Israel, breaking a long-standing treaty with one group that had dated back to the time of Joshua!

God appointed him as the King the people deserved.

But, off in a field, tending sheep, the least of his household was a man after God’s own heart. A humble man who wasn’t on anyones radar. This man would fell giants, yet take no credit. He would eventually be hunted by King Saul, exiled in the wilderness for 20 years! He was the true anointed of God.

Jesus is that King David for Christians. And while I pray for Donald Trump to come to repentance before God and give Him glory, there may come a time when God will impress to me, as He did to Samuel, that I should stop praying for the man.

We shouldn’t be looking to the powerful kings and rulers of this earth for the salvation of God’s people. We should look to Christ alone.



  1. I had no heart in this election either way but I found it laughable today when many democrat and liberal leaning people were devastated and crushed by Trump being chosen. Um you thought Hilary was better? It is really funny. I think they both suck. Neither is a good leader.

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  2. I found it funny that the same people who I have found most likely to misuse 2 Chronicles 7:14 for their own purposes, we’re also the ones to say no thank you to it in this election. We certainly did get the king that we deserved, hopefully that doesn’t mean that large parts of our population will now be deaf to the proclamation of the true king… who we certainly never deserved.

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