Do Christians Share God’s Interests?

40 – That’s the number of verses in the Bible that talk about “the sight of the Lord” in regard to people–and mostly kings–doing evil in the way they “walked” or conducted their lives. 7 of these 40 are in Judges, relating to the people, who did what was “right in their own eyes.”

The rest are scattered throughout 1 and 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles with a single verse in Jeremiah.

The refrain goes like this: “He did what was evil in the sight of the Lord.”

What was so evil? Mainly, these kings indulged in the cultural norms of their day, built altars, allowed worship of various images, etc.

No mention of things like, “The economy crashed because he established a universal health care system.” or “He appointed liberal judges to the Supreme Court.”

Make no mistake, the wholesale murder of infants is offensive to God. In those days, people sacrificed their children to Molech and Baal, passing them through the fire. Some of the kings of Israel did this, too, and that’s part of their evil.

But mostly, they didn’t humble themselves before God and honor Him as King.

Saul certainly didn’t practice open paganism. In fact, one might mistake him for a very pious Israelite Jew. But he treated God like a genie who required some sacrifice to earn His favor … to bend to the benefit of Saul’s own endeavors.

Do Christians walk before God in humility and trust? Or are they looking toward the same things as the pagan world around them?

While there are riots in the streets, protests, vandalism, fear and angst over the election of Donald Trump, Christians on Facebook seem jubilant. It’s as if some savior of Christianity has arisen.

For my part, I couldn’t support Trump. I certainly couldn’t support Hillary, either. Quite frankly, either one has demonstrated nothing but deplorable character. Neither of them fear the Lord. Each of them blaspheme on the level of King Saul offering the sacrifice when they invoke the Bible or attempt to pray.

Donald Trump has not shown any evidence of repentance before God. He does not demonstrate the fruit of that repentance. In short, he does evil in the sight of the Lord.

Rather than pray for divine wisdom for President-elect Trump, Christians need to pray for him to receive the gift of true repentance.



  1. My natural inclination is to make the Saul comparison, but the more I think about it (and I appreciate the prodding to do so) even that parallel betrays a concept of nation that is completely untrue. It takes as a given the idea of America as a New Israel… and that is the very error that we need to avoid.

    We don’t need to worry about where on the scale between right and evil in the eyes of the Lord our worldly kings fall because we are off the true New Jerusalem where our true king sits on the throne. He is the king that Israel rejected when he was replaced by Saul, and we should be wary to not do likewise.

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      1. I think it’s a good example it’s just backwards… it’s not the significance of a leader being like Saul as much as it is our acting like Israel in our demands for being represented by an earthly leader. I really liked the post, it was dealing with something that has definitely been in my head space of late. Appreciate the conversation.

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