The Five Elements of Hell

C.S. Lewis said that Hell is locked from the inside. He’s right, in the sense that, contrary to what we might want, we nurture the very elements of Hell within our flesh. There are 5 of them …

“Lastly, look to the Holy Spirit for His sacred fire to bum out all that is covetous, envious, proud, angry and malicious within our hearts, for these are the five elements of hell.” — F.B. Meyer

  1. Coveting — this is rampant in our world as we compare our lives to what we see displayed by others. Politicians love to pit “classes” against each other. And it only leads to more comparison and …
  2. Envy — We don’t stop at ungrateful comparisons to others, but we want what they have, or want them to lose what we think they have. We raise ourselves up because of this judgment to …
  3. Pride — we rationalize our judgment by raising our estimation of our own worth and wisdom. We believe we deserve better than we have been given, which breeds more coveting and envy and …
  4. Anger — Our dissatisfaction with what we have makes us angry and resentful. We accuse others of keeping us down and hate God for not giving us what we truly deserve. This colors our actions with …
  5. Malice — Even our good deeds are colored by the desire to keep up appearances to others. We are determined to be passively aggressive by showing others what a good time we’re having or how successful we are, how deserving of praise we are.

But this all leaves us empty and drives us back to coveting because we know that we’re putting on a front, attempting to eat of the fruit that will make us like God, only it drives us further from His presence and fills us with greater shame.

While these elements create a hell for our lives, they also keep us under God’s righteous wrath because they continually incite our rebellion against His love, ensuring we’ll join Satan and his followers in condemnation and final judgment.

The only remedy is to repent of these and turn in meekness, lowliness and humility to God, accepting His payment for our sin, devoting our whole lives to obedience to Him.


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