Watch “There are Many Deceived Church Goers – Paul Washer” on YouTube

I’d note that all “church goers” are deceived. The true church, the ekklesia of Christ, is not deceived. They hear His voice and follow. 

I’d like to point out, too that any so-called pastor who doesn’t obey the Lord in declaring the gospel is to be accursed (Paul’s words in Galatians, not mine). In other words, they are wolves, not undershepherds. 



  1. I think it’s funny the one guy mentioned AW Pink–like he’s some great guy. That guy was a recluse! I don’t even understand why anyone quotes him. He basically shunned visitors and decided people were not for him and then just wrote books about how to have faith–without actually practicing it around other people or being associated with others. I know that’s not what this video is about, but I find that most people quote these so called men of God and if you look at them and their lives, you have to wonder if they were truly men of God. Pink was in ministry, but then left it to live a life of alone-ness. It’s interesting that he seems to tell everyone how to live as a Christian, yet didn’t really live it himself. Then to see pastors talk about him like he was some great guy. Not buying it.

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      1. I just remember people at a certain church always quoting him. He wrote a book I think about the attributes of God. In one sense, I can truly relate to him because he decided the church was full of heathens and wanted nothing to do with them, however I believe he went overboard and wouldn’t even accept visitors who had come to see him for advice. Instead he decided writing was key and he did speak to people that way, but he chose to be a recluse which I feel is not biblical. But I do agree with his assessment of the church. It’s almost hysterical that pastors quote him and give him a pass when in reality, he didn’t even like the church.

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