Why Do Preachers Think They can Make Stuff Up?

For a while I thought Franklin Graham was a more stalwart Christian than his father. He seemed to be unafraid of pointing out the gross errors of Islam instead of his father’s attempts to say Muslims worshipped God, just by a different name. ???

Sorry, Billy, there’s more than a few writers of actual Scripture who disagree with you.

But then, Franklin gets up at President Trump’s inauguration and says that “rain is a sign of God’s blessing,” and then points out that it started raining when President Trump walked up to the podium.

I know, this is old news. But, when I heard this, I didn’t have the audio. Now, I do. And I have a guy who points out EXACTLY what I though at the time. Enjoy:

No, Franklin, God is not showing His blessing on our nation with some sprinkles as President Trump walks up. With that sort of asinine Biblical exegesis, we could claim that God is blessing a rapist who gets rained on while assaulting a woman, or a child who gets sprinkled while lying to his parents …

Well, of course, that wouldn’t be the case!!

But that’s exactly the problem we have when so-called preachers take it upon themselves to speak for God when God hasn’t spoken to them.

In short, they’re false prophets. If Franklin has any fear of God, he’ll repent of this blatant misappropriation of God’s mind and will humble himself.



    1. When scripture says God rains down on the righteous and the unrighteous, it isn’t using rain as a symbol, so much as a figure of speech. Like “flying down the street” describes an action with a word that isn’t really accurate, but paint a picture. Rain is more notably associated with judgment, specifically. All that aside, we should never presume to say what God is communicating through the weather.

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      1. I see your vantage point, but humbly disagree. Given that the Bible was written over about a 1600 year period by 60 ish authors on 3 continents of primarily agrarian societies, rain equalled survival, blessing, prosperity, growth. Granted, weather is not an EXCLUSIVE yardstick of covenant w/ G-d, but it is A covenant promise of right relationship w/ Him and each other. What would be the harm if it was a blessing for the Trump administrstion? All leaders, IMO, are criticised too much and need a little favor. Take care!

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