About Bryn

Even today I enjoy making Italian food. Here' I'm preparing to make fresh pasta!

Even today I enjoy making Italian food. Here’ I’m preparing to make fresh pasta!


About Me

I’m a 30+ year disciple of Jesus Christ, a devoted husband and father … and am deeply concerned for the condition of the true congregation of Christ’s Called Out Ones in today’s culture.

I grew up on the mission field of Italy. Italy, you say? Aren’t they Christians? Turns out, they’re Catholic. You won’t find me telling every Catholic that they’re headed for Hell because they identify themselves with the Church of Rome. No more than the average Evangelical is headed for Hell for attending Elevation, Mars Hill, or some other mega-church. I believe the Lord has a remnant throughout the world. What matters is the condition of each person’s soul before the Lord and the faith to which they cling. My parents brought the Gospel of repentance and faith to Italy. That doctrine is muddied or missing from the teachings of the Church. Coincidentally, it is largely muddied or missing from most Evangelical churches in America today.

What I Do

I work a regular job, but enjoy writing. I believe God has given me this interest and allowed me to develop (and continue to develop) this talent for His glory. I’ve been published by Focus On The Family, Evangel, Liguorian and a smattering of other places. I’ve written a dark suspense novel The Next Chapter , a genre I will not likely revisit. I’ve also published some of my short stories as novellas.

What I Believe

I believe in the inerrancy of the Bible. That means it is God-breathed and without error. I believe in the Divinity of Christ, that He is fully God and fully man. I believe in the Triune God, that He exists as three in one, not three different Gods or three roles, or three names. I believe in the complete sovereignty of God, that nothing is beyond His control and that He is the completely just driver of all events in history, with an eye toward His good, loving and just purposes. While many find this mystifying (often including me) it is the battleground on which faith is fought with hope as our standard.

These beliefs, grounded in Scripture, are diluted in most churches today, or the subject of apology. Leading “ministers” of the evangelical movement shy away from mentioning repentance, prefer not to use the word sin, and seek to be well-admired by the pagan world around us.

For this reason I believe the Ecclesia (congregation) of Christ is under a more dangerous persecution from internal erosion than any outward aggression we may fear.

On this blog, you’ll find my flash fiction, discussions about the Christian faith and Christ’s ecclesia, and any updates regarding my writing.


Me and my lovely wife in the Badlands

Me and my lovely wife in the Badlands



  1. In regards to Prophets, Joshua Heschel wrote a great book about the topic. He is a Jewish Rabbi during the MLK era. His perspective is different for us, as Christians, but also interesting because I think it’s a little closer to the “source” than professors who imaginatively pontificate. He spoke a lot about how God chose a certain kind of individual to be prophets and God used their unique personalities to express the prophesies, and how we are all called in similar unique ways.

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