The Next Chapter Stranger Cover

Sal, grieving his wife and daughter’s death, receives a note: “I’ve taken a girl. Write the next chapter, or she dies.”

With each ultimatum, he realizes he’s being framed, not only for the missing girl, but for a string of cold-case bodies being posed to look like victims from his novels.

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The Fold Cover

Jack Talbot turned his back on his father’s legacy, fearful he’d discover the same darkness inside. When his favored, older brother dies in the woods near the church he pastored, Jack and his father go out to tie up loose ends. Discovering his brother’s journal, he finds that the evil that he feared for himself has claimed his brother … and has its eyes in finishing what it started.


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Mel is unique. While a virulent pandemic sweeps the globe, he is strangely resistant to illness or injury. Then, another roams the streets who is not only immune, but promises a cure. But his cure may be worse than the disease.



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The Last Christmas Cover update

Javan is wealthy, successful and investigated as a fundamentalist Christian Terrorist. Amid the Holiday cheer and under the blazing light of an oncoming comet, he’ll face his demons, including his wife.

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Brenna won’t stop until she nabs the shattered remains of the Ten Commandments. But, when she walks into a trap, she’s forced to work with the archeologist who destroyed her life years before. And he doesn’t share her faith in the sacred tablets.



  1. Are you kidding me, you wrote all of these books!! Thank you humbly for your comments on my writing. I am trying to get where you are, hopefully on my way as I painfully scribe word by word. Then all I know what to do next is revise, write the whole thing over, then submit to publishers and pray. Do you have any advice for me?



  2. This book and the story “The Loser’s Church” remind me of the novels of Randall Jordan, compelling stories that boldly expose the emptiness and hypocrisy of popular Christendom and point to the only true solution — honest, humble repentance and faith in Christ as Savior and Lord.



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