The Next Chapter Stranger Cover

This story is everything you love about classic mystery and modern thriller. There are nagging questions that build with each chapter just as some very well-written characters get more and more complex. The tension that drives the underlying narrative makes this book a quick read, because it is difficult to stop. –Chris Pittman

Why do bad things happen to good people? How can someone devote their lives to God, then have their lives turned upside down by tragedy?

Sal Russo inspired hundreds of thousands with his Christian fiction and inspirational books. But when his life of ‘victory’ turns to tragedy, he begins doubting the foundations of his faith and finds it hard to finish the next book in his contract. As he sinks further into depression, falling into a ritualistic pattern of grief, he finds himself the target of a sick game.

Sal finds a mysterious package in his garden. Inside is a paper describing a young girl’s abduction. The narrative ends saying, “write the next chapter in the girl’s life … or she dies.” On TV, breaking news about an evacuation at the Grand Old Mall, exactly as the threatening paper described, tell Sal that this isn’t a hoax. A girl’s life is at stake. Her fate is in his hands. If he doesn’t play along, she’ll die.

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The Fold Cover

A small church is dying and its leadership is looking for the best options … But when the pastor dies and his brother and father come to arrange the funeral, a diary left behind offers clues to what darkness is really at work.

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A virus spreads across the globe, thwarting the best efforts of the World Health Organization and the CDC. Mel, however, remains unaffected by the illness. In fact, he seems to heal rapidly and is increasingly impervious to injury. He seems destined to watch his wife and children die.

But there is another who is unaffected by the virus. In fact, he claims to have the cure. But what he really offers is worse than the sickness afflicting the world.

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The Last Christmas Cover update

What if Christ returned on … Christmas? There are many books about the rapture, the end times and so on, but none that set the stage on the holiday designated to remember Jesus’ first advent. So, while I was listening to Brian Wilson’s Christmas album, What I really want for Christmas, I had this image in my head: A man standing on his front lawn, a contentious family gathering back in the house, and a coming, supernatural dawn.

In this novella you’ll read two stories. The first is about a bitter man who is dissatisfied with life, recognizes things are wrong, but doesn’t have the answers. In rebelling against the government’s prohibitions to Christian Christmas music, and even opening a dusty old Bible, he finds the truth … but at what cost?

The second story finds a woman meeting an old flame for dinner on the last night of the world …

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With the discovery of a fragment of stone, the artifact and religious communities are abuzz. Brenna Kelley, a young archeological adventurer races into Saudi Arabia in hopes of grabbing the stone and getting back out.

Meanwhile, her father, an unscrupulous TV evangelist, along with an equally questionable black-market artifact dealer, find Brenna’s former professor and lover, Tiberias Riggs at the site of his most recent dig. Brenna’s in trouble and they want him to go rescue her and secure the artifact. Doubting their story, Riggs refuses to work with them.

When Riggs discovers the truth, he heads to the kingdom for her, but has no interest in the artifact.

Unfortunately, he’ll find that people’s search for the fragments of the original Ten Commandments is not an easy thing to shake.



  1. Are you kidding me, you wrote all of these books!! Thank you humbly for your comments on my writing. I am trying to get where you are, hopefully on my way as I painfully scribe word by word. Then all I know what to do next is revise, write the whole thing over, then submit to publishers and pray. Do you have any advice for me?



  2. This book and the story “The Loser’s Church” remind me of the novels of Randall Jordan, compelling stories that boldly expose the emptiness and hypocrisy of popular Christendom and point to the only true solution — honest, humble repentance and faith in Christ as Savior and Lord.



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