Why Do Preachers Think They can Make Stuff Up?

For a while I thought Franklin Graham was a more stalwart Christian than his father. He seemed to be unafraid of pointing out the gross errors of Islam instead of his father’s attempts to say Muslims worshipped God, just by a different name. ???

Sorry, Billy, there’s more than a few writers of actual Scripture who disagree with you.

But then, Franklin gets up at President Trump’s inauguration and says that “rain is a sign of God’s blessing,” and then points out that it started raining when President Trump walked up to the podium.

I know, this is old news. But, when I heard this, I didn’t have the audio. Now, I do. And I have a guy who points out EXACTLY what I though at the time. Enjoy:

No, Franklin, God is not showing His blessing on our nation with some sprinkles as President Trump walks up. With that sort of asinine Biblical exegesis, we could claim that God is blessing a rapist who gets rained on while assaulting a woman, or a child who gets sprinkled while lying to his parents …

Well, of course, that wouldn’t be the case!!

But that’s exactly the problem we have when so-called preachers take it upon themselves to speak for God when God hasn’t spoken to them.

In short, they’re false prophets. If Franklin has any fear of God, he’ll repent of this blatant misappropriation of God’s mind and will humble himself.


Do You Hunger and Thirst For Righteousness?

I’m reading through Isaiah, a favorite book for many Christian leaders, pop stars, conspiracy theorists and would-be prophets. I’ve heard how Isaiah predicts the Trump Presidency, how it has “harbingers” for America as the new Israel, etc. I’ve heard people quote passages in Isaiah 41 about how we’ll look for our enemies, but will not find them and how we should not fear.

Words of comfort, for sure. Isaiah has a lot going on throughout its 66 chapters. But one part strikes me as being overlooked by those who reach a wide audience:

“For the fool speaks folly, and his heart is busy with iniquity, to practice ungodliness, to utter error concerning the LORD, to leave the craving of the hungry unsatisfied, and to deprive the thirsty of drink.” Isa. 32:6. 

This applies in the context of the leaders of Israel (God’s people) fearing the political climate and looking for help in Egypt. Isaiah has warned God’s people’s leaders to put their trust in the unseen God rather than the flesh and blood of the untrustworthy political alliances.

And yet, the leaders brush aside this advice in favor of going down to Egypt and forming an alliance with Assyria, etc. In other words, looking at politics for their comfort and peace.

The truth is, there is no peace without righteousness. There is no righteousness without justice. And justice does not reside where sin runs rampant.

The Christian leaders in America have largely backed President Trump. While that’s certainly fine in the context of “he’s better than Hillary,” that’s not what has happened. That statement is, afer all, debatable. I like to say, time will tell.

What I find astounding is that Christians have gone so far as to claim that Trump is a redeemed Christian, and have advanced the idea that he will create a reprieve for God’s people from persecution and danger. This idea stems from the idea that Christians are protected by the U.S. Supreme Court. It finds its source in the idea that we can legislate Biblical morality, creating a land of abundant prosperity.

And there’s the word: Prosperity. Christians in America need to remember that God is not concerned with our houses, cars, careers or comfort in this world. Jesus promised that we were not greater than our master. If the world hated him, it will hate us.

So-called Christian leaders who teach otherwise may appear to be noble and honorable, but they’re actually fools and scoundrels who leave God’s people hungry and parched.